Race Information



Dates: 21 – 23 September 2018

Start Finish Venue: Yard 41, Howick

Distances: 100 Miler and 50 Miler

Start Times    

100 Miler: 10pm Friday 21 September 2018 (Yard 41)

50 Miler: 7am  Saturday 22 September 2018 (Benvie)

Entries open: 30 November 2017, 6am


Qualifying: There is no formal qualifying criteria, however you will be required to submit your ultra running CV on entering.

Course and Safety Information

The 100 Miler has been designed as an out and back course, modeled off some of the top international 100 Mile Trail Races such as Leadville100 in the Colorado, USA. The aid stations, located every 10 miles or 16 kilometers, are easily accessible and spectator friendly allowing friends and family of the race participates to move between aid stations cheering their runner on and providing race support.

Coffee, sponsor drinks, food, water and medical support will be available at each unique aid station.

From the turn around checkpoint at half way, Pacers will be able to join the Runners. Pacers are runners not officially competing in the event but who join the Race Entrant to run alongside them and assist them. Pacers may not carry hydration and nutrition or other equipment required by the Main Competitor (i.e. no “muling”). Pacers can be swapped out at aid stations and designated points on route, however only 1 Pacer is allowed per Competitor at any one time (more information about pacers here).

Accessible and Private Land

While some of the course is accessible to the public, large parts are through private land. Runners may access open parts of course to train leading up to the race through the Karkloof Country Club by paying the daily trail fee. Sections of private land cannot be accessed prior to the race other than when organised through KZNTR. Email andrew@kzntrailrunning.co.za if you wish to do so and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Official camps will also be organised in the lead up to race day.

UTMB Qualifying Race

The race is a UTMB qualifier and has been allocated 6 qualifying points.


The Karkloof Falls – a landmark point close to the start and finish of the Karkloof100.

The Turn Around Point.

This is a very special aid station run by the Howick Scouts where the 100 Miler turn around point will be at Benvie.


The cut off time for the 100 Miler is 36 hours and 18 hours for the 50 Mile Race. Cut offs will be in place at the various aid stations. The following cut-offs will be in place along the route:

100 Miler

50 Miles – 18hr 00min

100 Miles – 36hrs 00min

Runners who miss a cut-off on course will be required to withdraw from the race at that point.

Runners who miss the final cut-off will receive an unofficial finish (no buckle will be awarded)

50 Miler

50 Miles – 18hrs 00min

Route markings

The route will be clearly marked using very regular ribbons, arrows and tape. It is not a self navigation course and GPS navigation is not required. However, the full route will be made available as a GPS track 6 weeks before race day.


Experienced medical personnel will be positioned along the course. Due to the inaccessibility of some of the trail by vehicle, participants are reminded to carry the compulsory kit and a small medical supply. This is an endurance run that is physically challenging and all runners are reminded that their personal safety on the trail is ultimately their own responsibility, but a full medical team will be there to assist in emergencies.